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Giuseppe LongoOur families activities in the field of period based antique furniture began in 1974. Giuseppe Longo, master wood carver and restorator passed down this artistic talent to his son Gabriele. Over time Gabriele became a master sculpture and carver in his own right.

Our passion for wood and the rediscovery of ancient techniques allow us to recreate masterpieces of the past.

Because our sculpture and wood carving is handcrafted, we are able to offer antique and rustic furniture period pieces of the highest quality and in limited production.

Our furniture is created to last a lifetime and to satisfies the expectations of the most demanding consumer. In our workshop we build and restore furniture and objects to their original, historical splendor. We utilize ancient techniques and materials used during the time frame period of their original creation.

Today our entire family has become part of our tradition and our dedication and skill is appreciated in Italy, Europe and the Americas.

In the heart of Tuscan tradition, our company, Longo Giuseppe and Gabriele Snc, has opened our shop in the town of Cortona (Arezzo).

Gabriele LongoWe are committed to the handcrafted production of classical furniture and high quality collections using Italian walnut, cherry, chestnut and oak. We are experts in the techniques of waxing, shellacking, and polishing with wood spirits to create both new as well as time honored reproductions from the past.

We oversee the daily activities of all design, production, and administration of our products. Our family considers cooperation our strength. We organize every phase of design in a respectful and cooperative way in order to develop a close relationship of trust and support with our customer. Our customers join a select group and will find that our creations will become cherished and honored over time.

Our furniture will remind you of the best of handcrafted Italian tradition and classical design. Our industrious efforts stand for the highest quality to be found.

Our collections are organized as coordinated furnishings to enhance and complete any room. Our stand alone, single pieces also accentuate and compliment existing home decor. Furniture size, shape and dimensions can be modified to satisfy any taste, from classical to contemporary or rustic to elegant, our handmade designs will satisfy your personal needs.

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